About us

Tonbridge Dementia Friendly Community (Tonbridge DFC) is a community group made up of local residents, business representatives and volunteers who focus on work in the Tonbridge area to improve the lives locally for residents living with dementia.

With support from Alzheimer’s Society, local businesses and other community groups, we aim to make Tonbridge a great place for everyone to live by ensuring that the people who live and work here are more aware of dementia. We want everyone to know how they can help make the town a safe, inclusive and friendly place to live through delivering Dementia Friends sessions and holding community events to share information.

Dementia friendly communities across the country are working towards the same aims as Tonbridge. Everyone, from governments and health boards to the local corner shop and hairdresser, share part of the responsibility for ensuring that people with dementia feel understood, valued and able to contribute to their community.