Support and Services

This section of the website will tell you useful services in the Tonbridge area that you might find useful. It also gives you links to other support services that operate at a national level.

Activities and Social Groups

The activities below are some of the services available in the local area. They are run by several providers, not by Tonbridge Dementia Friends. Please get in touch with the named contact for more information.

Dementia Café

Location: Angel Centre, Angel Lane, Tonbridge, Kent

Takes place every other Thursday 14:00-16:00

The Dementia Café provides information about living with dementia and other services available locally in an informal and comfortable environment. A Dementia Café is also a place to relax, socialise and meet other people with dementia and their carers.

Who this service is for: People with Dementia and their carers, family and friends

Contact information: 01892 835498 (Office opening times: Monday-Friday, 09:00-17:00)


Website for more information:

Day care and support
(establishment based)

Location: Lockside, Tonbridge TN9 1EA

Takes place on: Monday and Wednesday, weekly, 09:30-15:30

The day care and support service provides care and support in a safe and comfortable group setting. Stimulating activities are based on people’s individual needs and interests.

Who this service is for: People with Dementia Only

Contact information: 01892 835498 (Office opening times: Monday-Friday, 09:00-17:00)


Link to more information:

Tonbridge Cogs Club

Location: The Six in One Community Centre, Northwood Road, Tonbridge TN10 3HH

For opening times please contact service providers, Crossroads Care West Kent

The Cogs Club provides purposeful activities, based on Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST), for around 10 people with mild to moderate dementia. The programme can help people to recall or develop new skills and to transfer these skills to daily activities at home. The club can also provide the carer with some respite. The day usually consists of four sessions interspersed with breaks for refreshments or lunch. The first hour is about people meeting each other, discussing the ‘Cogs’ name, orientation to time and place, and sharing news. The second session explores a theme such as sounds, categorising objects and word association. After a light lunch, there is movement to music. This can be seated, standing or moving around the room. It may include miming to familiar songs. The last session usually involves a board game, such as Scrabble. Before members go home, they are given a summary of their day which can be discussed during their last tea break.

Who this service is for: People living in the area with mild-moderate dementia following an assessment by the lead facilitator of the club. Respite for carers.

Contact information: 01622 817114

Website for more information:

Peer support group

Location: Gallards Close, Southborough TN4 0BT

Takes place on:  Monday, fortnightly, 12:00-15:00

The peer support group gives people the opportunity to meet with others who understand some of what they are going through. Run by a facilitator, the sessions offer a chance to ask questions, get information and share experiences in a safe and supportive environment.

Who this service is for: People with Dementia Only

Contact information: 01892 835498 (Office opening times: Monday-Friday, 09:00-17:00)


For more local activities and services, please visit the Dementia Connect website to search for what is available in your area.

Other services

The links to services below are provided by different sources, not by Tonbridge Dementia Friends.

Alzheimer’s Society

The Alzheimer’s Society provide a huge amount of information advice for people living with dementia, carers, and friends and family. They have factsheets that can help you learn more about dementia, the services you have the right to access, and what you can expect in the future.

You can access these factsheets here:

Online forums

Talking to other people online about your experiences and asking others questions can be a great way to get information and support. The Alzheimer’s Society host an online forum, Talking Point.

You can access it here:


There are several helplines that you can call with any questions, concerns or just for information:

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Support Services – Kent Dementia Helpline: 0800 500 3014
Alzheimer’s Society: 03002 22 11 22

Website for more information:

Dementia UK

Dementia UK are a charity that help families face dementia. They have a huge amount of information about living with dementia.

One useful page they host is about knowing your benefits entitlement.

You can find out more here: